May 2015 Slideshow: Micromachining

With a focus on equipment for machining very small workpieces and features, this month’s product spotlight runs the gamut from micro drills to waterjets to dedicated micromachining centers.


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Click the image above to access the micromachining slideshow.

While micromachining is not a specific type of machining process or strategy, it often demands specialized equipment and tooling. Micro milling and drilling requires tiny tools as well as a machine with the spindle speed to cut effectively with them (as this manufacturer and shop owner learned). As another example, it’s possible to cut micro features with abrasive waterjet, but the nozzle orifice, mixing tube and abrasive particles must be downsized appropriately.

Click the image above to view a slideshow of products designed and suitable for micromachining. Also visit the Micromachining Zone to learn more.