Orderfox Platform Now Free of Charge

As companies across all industry supply chains are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Orderfox offers its digital marketplace for the CNC industry free of charge.


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In an effort to help CNC companies cope with the sudden and severe supply chain disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak, Orderfox reopens its CNC marketplace free of charge until April 30th. 

Orderfox.com provides a global database connecting buyers and sellers of CNC machining services. Machine shops can search for and find both local and global CNC jobs for free, and buyers can place machining jobs on the platform as well as update and optimize their network of suppliers. Supply bottlenecks in some regions can be eliminated by taking action in other regions — supply chains and delivery capabilities can be maintained even in times of crisis. The company says the value of its online marketplace is found in optimizing workload. If a shop has open capacity, it can quickly and easily search for new jobs that match its company profile. 

David Felsmann

Orderfox CEO David Felsmann wants to support the CNC industry by providing its global database for free.

New production chains can be established by quickly finding suitable, deliverable partners in every region of the world markets, CEO David Felsmann explains. "After all, we are a close partner of the industry and want to contribute quickly, proactively and straightforwardly to the solution of the current problems. Our goals are certainly the same as yours: immediately available capacities, no interruption of the supply chain, no standstills, no short-time work, remaining capable of deliveries, etc. We do not want our customers to suffer any major economic damage from the coronavirus."