Royal Products Dedicates Space to School of Design Engineering

Royal Products has given some of its exhibition space to the University of Prince Edward Island's school of Sustainable Design Engineering.


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Embracing the need to support the future of manufacturing in North America, Royal Products is dedicating a portion of its booth to the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) for its Sustainable Design Engineering program. The university developed this course of study to fill the need for a broad, balanced engineering education. According to UPEI, students participating in the program engage with real engineering tasks in a flexible learning environment, gaining a broad set of skills applicable to the engineering profession.

While the students learn valuable skills, the program is not merely educational. Upper-level students partner with businesses to develop and redesign actual products, providing valuable experience to the students and rewarding companies for helping to grow the workforce.

Allan Curran, owner of Royal Products and an alumnus of UPEI, took a personal interest in this program as a means of encouraging the development of a skilled manufacturing workforce in his home province. According to the company, the modern world needs to embrace manufacturing to remain economically viable, and programs like this one provide the means to sustain manufacturing.