Value beyond the Tool Catalog


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Here are a few examples of custom-engineered cutters from Seco Tools.

Both cutting tool suppliers and the manufacturers they serve have plenty to gain from deeper collaboration. That was an overriding message of the recent Custom Products media event hosted by Seco Tools, which focused on custom-engineered tooling as well as consulting services provided by the Troy, Michigan, cutting tool manufacturer. Takeaways from the event include:

  • As a relatively small portion of production costs, tool cost should never be considered outside the context of potential productivity gains;
  • Manufacturers stand to benefit more than ever from outside expertise;
  • Cutting tool suppliers have particular incentive to provide that expertise;
  • Seco has made significant strides in improving value-added services; and
  • Value-added services go beyond custom tooling and direct consultations with customers.

Read this article to learn more.


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