Video: Free Kit for Hosting a Manufacturing Day Event

The Edge Factor has produced a turnkey package with media and interactive resources to help companies create an exciting event showcasing manufacturing.


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Manufacturing Day this year is October 2. On that date, businesses and schools across North America will respond to the misperceptions about manufacturing and reach out to the next generation of manufacturing talent by opening their doors to let the public see modern manufacturing from the inside. Hundreds of manufacturing tours, open houses and related events are being planned for that date. (Find the events near you by searching here.)

For a manufacturing business, the hardest part about participating in Manufacturing Day likely is not having something to show, but instead planning how to show it. Manufacturers are not event organizers, and they don’t necessarily have the resources at hand to engage and inform a crowd of visitors. The creators of The Edge Factor Show have responded to this with a free Manufacturing Day kit that includes promotional material, main event presentation media, interactive activities and resources for following up after the event.

In the video above, Edge Factor’s Larissa Hofman describes the kit’s contents.

The team also produced this teaser for prospective Manufacturing Day attendees.