3 Smart Ways to Make Your Swiss Parts 4x Faster

September 20

A large percentage of small parts are being produced on sliding headstock CNC lathes simply because that is where manufacturers have capacity. The truth of the matter is that many of these small parts do not need to be machined in this fashion. What if you could increase your output 4-6 times and decrease your material cost while doing so? You can – running these parts on a CNC multiple spindle lathe!

Primary Topics: 

- CNC Multi-Spindle machine versus a Swiss CNC

- Alternate ways to produce your parts

- Impact productivity has an overall investment

- With full CNC capability you can run smaller lot sizes.

Presenter: Tyler Economan Tyler Economan has been with INDEX Corporation for almost 12 years, focusing on developing part processes for the group’s automatic lathes, Swiss lathes, and multi-spindle CNC lathes. Today, he oversees applications engineering at INDEX Corporation. Tyler began his career as a Proposal Engineer processing part prints and developing machine proposals for potential customers, then moved to manage the proposal department. The focus of the department is providing profitable part processing solutions for INDEX and TRAUB customers.

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