A Sense of Purpose and Belonging: People Drive Company Growth

Tips for creating an employee-centric business. 

Are Employees Really Replaceable?

Although an individual might consider themselves to be replaceable, an organization should not see their employees that way.

AME Publishes White Paper with "Marshall Plan" for Post-Pandemic Manufacturing

The white paper argues that reshoring or nearshoring, digitalization and increased workforce development measures will be necessary for manufacturing after the pandemic.


5 Hard Lessons from a 28-Year-Old Startup Machine Shop Owner

Good fortune and years of long working hours have both figured into the success of this young shop, which became its founder’s sole employment starting last year. The shop owner shares his story.

NIMS Celebrates 25th Anniversary

“The skills required and the ways in which those skills are taught and measured are changing,” says Executive Director Montez King.

Bold, Insightful Leadership Defines Manufacturer’s “DNA”

At its core, this highly successful contract manufacturer is a tool and die shop. Its founder, who has the heart and soul (and mind) of a tool maker, imbued his company with the values and the versatility of a tool room. This is his lasting legacy.

Ontario Nonprofits Partner To Help Manufacturers Grow Women Workforce

“We have found that increasing the number of females in male-dominated industries will require intentional and purposeful action for all parties: educators, industry and community,” says Build a Dream.

Skillpath Offers Three Virtual OSHA Training Programs

Beginning in June, National Safety Month, SkillPath is offering three virtual general industry OSHA programs certified for continuing education credits.

Acuity Insurance Donates $25,000 to Manufacturing e-Learning Organization

The funding will help deliver virtual classes for manufacturers through WMEP’s online classroom offerings during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Machining: Trade or Technology?

The answer has to do with how people view the job. Maybe reframing machining as a technology could better reflect the exciting progress the trade has made over the decades. 


Has COVID-19 Made a Case for Automation? Taught Us About People Instead

Recently posted articles offer various pictures of machining automation. Also, goodbyes to two long-time writers for MMS: Wayne Chaneski and Derek Korn.

MSSC Launches Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Skills Standards

MSSC’s Certified Production Technician certification will now incorporate several emerging Industry 4.0 technologies. 

Ascent Reveals 2021 Autodesk Courseware Road Map

The e-learning organization is publicizing its course materials following the release of Autodesk 2021.


PMA Adds 120 Aerospace Courses to E-Learning Platform

In addition, the association is offering a discount on licenses for the platform through May.

Meet "Al"

“Al” could be anyone, working in any shop. But what sets Al apart is his embrace of change as a way of doing work and business. Are there Als in your shop?

The Manufacturing Process Is All About the People Who Make It Work

This month, we say goodbye to long-time Modern Machine Shop columnist Wayne Chaneski, who is retiring. Here is some of what he has helped me to see.

Mastercam Joins NCATC as Strategic Partner

The NCATC supports a higher education and industry network that promotes advanced technology applications in workforce development programs and services.

How to Practice Stage Two Thinking in Your Machine Shop

Responsible decision-making requires thinking beyond the initial benefits to consider how a change ripples throughout the machine shop’s operations and culture.

For This CNC Machine Shop, Growth is Both Wonderful and Hard

JD Machine’s sales have nearly doubled since 2013 when it was a Top Shops winner. Developing a workforce to support that growth is a challenge the shop is meeting head-on.

Leadership Training Helps Spur Top Shop’s Growth

Rosenberger N.A. has grown tremendously over the last eight years. Part of the reason is its commitment to ongoing employee leadership training.


Acquire to Hire: This New York Manufacturer Sees Buying Shops as the Best Way to Add Staff

Designatronics’ CEO says, “We can access a few million dollars more business” with each skilled machining employee who can perform complex setups and other sophisticated work from day one.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Communication Clears Machine Monitoring's Morale Hurdles

When pen-and-paper methods of tracking job efficiency left AccuRounds’ engineers and managers in the dark, the shop switched to MachineMetrics. But machine monitoring brought morale challenges along with it. 

Engineers and Manufacturers Invited to Take Part in Girl Day

DiscoverE encourages manufacturers to take part in Girl Day, a day for introducing school-aged girls to engineering careers through hands-on activities.

Does Your Machine Shop Need a Human Resources Professional?

Straton Industries employs a full-time HR person as part of its staff of 78. The owner now realizes the shop could have benefited from this help even when the staff was much smaller. Companies overlook the value and importance of this role.