Allied Machine & Engineering Launches New Website

The site includes new functionality and tools designed to educate customers on product features and to guide selection.


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Allied Machine & Engineering (Dover, Ohio) has launched a new website, alliedmachine.com, with “smart search” functionality, a host of online product selection and design tools, and a digital library with information for distributors and end users. The mobile responsive design works across all devices.

The website highlights the company’s drilling, boring, reaming, burnishing, thread milling and special product lines. The navigation’s clean look, with images and videos, helps customers select what they need. The navigation streamlines its dropdown menus so that users can filter through the products by application and view results by industry.

The site is designed to educate customers on product features and to guide selection. Individual landing pages emphasize visual elements, including close-ups and an interactive 360-degree view of the product. “The 360-degree interactive viewer is quite useful in understanding the basics of how our products are manufactured and assembled,” says Dan Moore, Director of Marketing. 

The site also has recommendations on which products are most suited for specific materials and industries. Available information includes product specifications, recommended cutting speeds and feeds, and additional resources.

The online tools section includes the InstaCode thread mill programmer and the Insta-Quote custom tooling design aid, as well as access to Wohlhaupter’s Tool-Architect design engine. The digital library includes the company’s catalogs, product flyers, industry flyers and operation manuals.

The ordering process has been updated with smart search functionality that is linked to a cart-based e-commerce system. Distributors will now be able to place orders as well as create and save wish lists on any device.


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