CNC Software Appoints Paco Agrafojo as Marketing Director

CNC Software has hired Paco Agrafojo as marketing director, a position in which he will help the company continue its market success with Mastercam.


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CNC Software's new marketing director, Paco Agrafojo

CNC Software Inc., the developer of Mastercam, has hired Paco Agrafojo in the role of marketing director. Agrafojo will lead efforts in support of the brand’s ongoing market leadership and further develop the company’s position as a global leader in manufacturing technology.

Paco Agrafojo comes to CNC Software with a wealth of experience within the industrial and manufacturing industry, creating market and product strategies for several top brands in his 20+ years of experience.

“I’m very proud to join the CNC Software family at such a critical time of growth,” says Agrafojo. “I look forward to driving engagement with the Mastercam brand through partnerships with key customers, influencers and ultimately end-users. As a leader in the CNC industry, it is also important for Mastercam to focus on inspiring the next generation of machinists, programmers and engineers.”

“As we continue to grow our brand and presence, we are thrilled to have Paco join our ever-expanding team,” says Sandy Moffat, chief market officer. “He comes to us with a very solid background in creating market and product strategies, and with experience that will help benefit CNC Software worldwide.”


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