Dynabrade Celebrates 50th Anniversary

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The company, started in 1969, has grown into a global manufacturer with subsidiaries in Europe and Asia. 


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Dynabrade will be exhibiting new technology at IMTS 2020 in Chicago this September.

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Dynabrade Inc. is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Walter Welsch started the company near Buffalo, New York, in 1969 after inventing the Dynafile, a pneumatic power tool that replaces hand sanding and polishing.

“Our founder was known as ‘the man with a method,’” says Hardy Hamann, company president. “He always focused on how to improve the end user’s finishing processes by developing specialty tools that save customers time and money. Our founder’s beliefs remain our top priority today.”

Since its founding, Dynabrade has grown into a global company with over 100 sales representatives and worldwide distribution via subsidiaries in both Europe and Asia. The company offers pneumatic abrasive power tools, clean air products, industrial vacuums, abrasives and accessories. Some notable customers include Boeing, Tesla, Ferrari, Siemens and GE.

“Winning in today’s competitive environment globally comes down to teamwork. Our team consists of an exceptionally strong network of American parts vendors, thousands of highly committed distributors around the world assisting us in selling our products and of course, our highly dedicated employees,” says Mr. Hamann.


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