FANUC and Rockwell Partner for Automation Apprenticeships

FANUC and Rockwell have formed a coalition alongside several other companies to help develop work-and-learn automation and robotics apprenticeships.


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A flyer advertising FANUC and Rockwell Automation's partnership to create more automation and robotics apprenticeships

FANUC America and Rockwell Automation have formed a coalition to promote accelerated work-and-learn apprenticeship programs preparing current and future workers for jobs in advanced manufacturing, robotics and automation.

The coalition includes APT, a FANUC and Rockwell Automation systems integrator, and Nocti Business Solutions, which provides independent assessments of occupational standards and validation using recognized International Organization for Standardization (ISO) process validation methods. Franklin Apprenticeships is also a key partner of the coalition, ensuring apprenticeship support structure and success enablers for employers and apprentices.

The coalition has developed new apprenticeship programs offering people opportunities to gain credentials in fundamental robotics (robot operator) and automation (PLC operator), with a second “technician” level and a third “integration specialist” level for operating and troubleshooting integrated FANUC-Rockwell Automation technologies.

“Our number one goal is to help create a worker pipeline that will not only help people increase their skills and future earning potential, but to help manufacturers achieve their production goals and maintain a thriving economy,” says Paul Aiello, director of education at FANUC America. “In most cases, current and future workers can complete the apprenticeship skills training and achieve their industry-recognized certifications in less than one year. It’s also important to note that these programs support all types of apprenticeship and certification models, including pre-apprenticeships.”

In addition to improving the skills of current production workers, the coalition recommends these apprenticeship programs for engineers who are working to implement new automation systems and processes that require new employees trained in the latest automation technologies.


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