GWS Tool Group Fills California/Northern Mexico Positions

GWS Tool Group has hired Bryan Comyns and Walter Lopez as, respectively, business development specialist and application specialist for the California/Northern Mexico region.


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GWS Tool Group has filled two of its California/Northern Mexico roles. Bryan Comyns will be the company’s business development specialist in the region, while Walter Lopez will be its regional application specialist.

A photo of Bryan Comyns, California/Northern Mexico Business Development Specialist for GWS

Bryan Comyns, GWS’ new Business Development Specialist for California/Northern Mexico

Bryan will be responsible for developing and maintaining client relationships, identifying ways to promote and maintain brand relevance. He will also work in tandem with local application specialists to generate new business opportunities and understand and adjust for regional customer needs and trends.

“Bryan’s strong background in project management, customer satisfaction and adding enthusiasm to the GWS Tool brand will immediately add value to our customers,” says Scott Tiehen, director of Sales – West.

A photo of Walter Lopez, California/Northern Mexico Application Specialist for GWS Tool Group

Walter Lopez, GWS’ new Application Specialist for California/Northern Mexico

Walter will be responsible for supporting GWS distributors and key metalworking customers in the application of GWS high-performance cutting tool solutions. Cutting tools from GWS include both standard and purpose-built tooling, such as end mills, form tools, step tools, drills, reamers, taps, PCD-tipped tooling and countless variations of special turning inserts.

“Walter’s extensive metalworking and process improvement experience is an ideal fit for our organization,” says Tiehen. “He will immediately add value to our customers with his aerospace background and experience working with key channel partners and end-users.”


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