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Rollomatic Group Appoints Strausak Inc. President

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Joe Kane has over 14 years of experience in manufacturing and quality assurance. 

The Rollomatic Group has appointed Joe Kane President of Strausak Inc.. Joe will be based in the company’s North America office in Mundelein, Illinois, near Rollomatic Inc. He will focus on accelerating Strausak’s innovation- and customer-focused applications in the precision grinding space for the cutting tool industry.

Mr. Kane comes to Strausak with over 14 years in the manufacturing and quality industry where he began as a metrology technician with the U.S. Marine Corps. He translated those skills into a service engineer role in the workholding industry, focusing mainly on custom chucks for CNC lathes. Hewas a product manager for a company selling four- and five-axis rotary tables, where he set up distribution and service channels throughout North America. Prior to joining Strausak, Mr. Kane was a sales manager for an Illinois-based machine tool importer and distributor specializing in automated turnkey solutions for production machining.

“Joe’s impressive track record working as sales manager for other CNC machine tool companies and his ability to communicate and relate to people make him the ideal leader,” says Rollomatic President Eric Schwarzenbach. “Such qualities are key to expanding the brand name and drive the ever-evolving new technologies of the company.”


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