Expanded Range of Multitasking Hybrid Machine Tools

The machining centers combine laser metal deposition with a range of subtractive processes.


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Okuma's newly developed MU-6300V Laser EX and Multus U3000 Laser EX smart machines combine multitasking with high-definition additive manufacturing in metals. The machines perform hardening and laser metal deposition (LMD) in addition to milling, turning and grinding operations. The smart machines are said to support mass customization and be suitable for meeting the quality demands of key aircraft components.

With these two machines, the Laser EX series has now been expanded to a total of five models, also including the MU-8000V Laser EX, MU-5000V Laser EX and Multus U4000 Laser EX. The series accommodates a range of workpieces, ranging to the maximum diameter of 1,000 mm supported by the MU-8000V Laser EX.