Automation Systems Designed for High Mix, Low Volume

Fastems LLC has designed a line of manufacturing systems to handle shorter product lifecycles, higher product mixes and lower volumes.


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Fastems LLC has designed a line of automation systems to handle shorter product lifecycles, higher product mixes and lower volumes. The product line includes FMS One, a configurable machine tool pallet automation system, and RoboFMS One, a flexible manufacturing system with an industrial robot. 

The FMS line features increased modularity said to facilitate faster deployment and adaptability. The systems within the line are designed to contribute to reduction of equipment delivery and implementation lead times. They can integrate with various four- and five-axis machine tools.

The line includes access to a range of load handlers such as cranes and robots that can handle workpieces from 0.1 to 2,500 kg. The FMS One and RoboFMS One are designed for better worker ergonomics with lower system reaches that free users from working in difficult positions.

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