Blue Light Scanner Improves Scanning of Shiny Surfaces


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Available from Capture 3D, the ATOS Triple Scan 16M high-precision blue light scanner provides as many as 16 million points per scan. According to the company, the 3D scanner is capable of capturing point spacing down to 34 microns within a 170 × 130 mm2 area, and as many as 166 microns within a 810 × 610 mm2 area. Each measurement takes a few seconds, and the intelligent algorithms automatically align each scan into coordinate position. The scanner offers “Triple Scan” technology utilizing the left, right or both cameras to improve data collection on shiny surfaces and complex geometry with fewer scans.

The scanner’s ATOS Professional software includes mesh editing, average mesh calculations, 2D and 3D inspection, parametric inspection, and more capabilities. Comprehensive reporting provides 3D color maps that compare the scan to CAD nominal in addition to CMM-type reporting. The scanner can be configured for manual or portable use, and can be equipped with a rotary stage or fully automated with robotics to increase throughput. It is suitable for measuring and inspecting complex injection-molded parts, castings and turbine blades where fine-leading and trail edges are critical. 


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