Chiron's Five-Axis DZ 22 Meant For High Speeds and Precision

Chiron’s new DZ 22 precision machining center features twin spindles and a moving gantry design to rapidly and precisely machine various large, complex parts.
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A press image of the Chiron DZ 22

Chiron’s five-axis, twin-spindle series DZ 22 features a spindle clearance of 600 mm and is designed to completely and rapidly machine complex, large workpieces — including housings for electric motors and transmissions, oil pumps, chassis components and more. The company also offers a four-axis variant of the Series 22, and both versions can integrate Chiron SmartLine modules.

The four-axis trunnion plate version handles parts up to 680 mm x 1,330 mm in diameter and 600 kg in weight, while the five-axis twin-spindle version handles parts 2 x 599 mm x 340 mm in diameter and up to 150 kg in weight. Acceleration of 10-10-17 m/s², axis travel distances of 620-650-600 mm and rapid traverse speeds up to 120-120-90 m/min facilitate dynamic machining, while the rigid machine bed and active component cooling provide precision across the workspace.

The DZ 22 also offers flexibility for complex workpieces or product series requiring many tools: the magazines offer space for up to 77 tools and, thanks to the integrated workpiece changer, workpieces can be loaded and unloaded during machining to save cycle time.

For the five-axis version, a 20,000 rpm spindle with a torque of up to 137 Nm machines workpieces made of aluminum or aluminum alloys, while a strong 12,500 rpm spindle with a maximum torque of 200 Nm machines hard materials and large tools. The 22 series is also available as an HSK-A100 machine for further stability and performance.

The Chiron TouchLine operating system streamlines control, and tool replacement is carried out during machine operation with the new tool clicking into the magazine with a single movement of the hand.

Additionally, the DZ 22 is available with a ball screw drive or a linear direct drive, and Chiron can equip models with individualized solutions for automation, cooling, chip conveying and more.