CMM Software Automates Generation of Measurement Programs

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Mitutoyo America Corp. has released MiCAT Planner version 1.5 for its coordinate measuring machines.


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Mitutoyo America Corp. has released MiCAT Planner version 1.5 for its coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). It automates the generation of measurement programs based on CAD models containing geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) information, as well as dimensional measuring equipment (DME). Users can add GD&T information if it does not exist. 

The software now supports the import of multiple CAD coordinate systems and the creation of multiple part coordinate systems in the Plan View or 3D View. An expanded connection line support feature includes connection lines and planes. Mid-point, mid-line and mid-plane constructed features can be set as datums used in an alignment plan or as referenced features for other constructed features. The MCOSMOS report template section enables users to select report templates for the measurement program from the GEOPAK installation directory. The angle between line and line features can create angle tolerances from non-intersecting combinations of 2D or 3D line and axial features. Features that do not intersect can be created using a projection plane in the current PCS. Support for the concentricity tolerance was added for circles, construction circles and spheres (the tolerance must reference a circle feature datum).


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