Die Sinker EDM Features Rotary Tool Changer

GF AgieCharmilles’ Form 200 mS die sinker EDM machine features a modular, rotary tool changer for increased flexibility and lights-out, micromachining applications.


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GF AgieCharmilles’ Form 200 mS die sinker EDM features a modular, 16- to 160-position rotary tool changer for increased flexibility and speed in micro-component production processes. It is well-suited for a variety of micromachining applications, including molds for integrated circuits, cavities for light-emitting diodes and detailed connector forms, the company says.

A MicroTec discharge circuit enables power modulation and maximizes material removal while accommodating undersize (<20 µm) electrodes. The machine also incorporates iQ technology, which is designed to reduce electrode wear at faster machining speeds than other low-wear application settings. This technology builds a protective layer onto graphite electrodes, maintaining their edges and detail capabilities throughout the entire burn. This is especially beneficial for electrodes that produce the same cavity shape multiple times, the company says.

In addition, whether controlling spark energy according to electrode shape or performing real-time spark analysis, the EDM provides around-the-clock monitoring for lights-out operation and process optimization to increase predictability and repeatability. 

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