Double-Column VMC


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Distributed by CNC Systems, Vision Wide’s SF series bridge mills feature additional Y-axis options of 47", 63" and 78". The X-axis selection ranges from 80" to 162" and the Z axis measures 31.5". The narrower Y-axis machine has roller linear ways on the X and Y axes for faster feed and rapid traverse rates. It also features a rigid Z axis with boxway construction.
Options include a 6,000-rpm, 35-hp spindle with a two-speed headstock; a 10,000-rpm direct-drive spindle that is directly coupled to the spindle motor for additional rigidity, acceleration and deceleration; and a 20,000-rpm direct-drive spindle for mold and die applications.
The machines are equipped with a 40-tool ATC and a fast cam-type ATC that changes tools in 3 sec. Other features include full coolant-through-spindle capability (300 psi), a spindle chiller and ballscrew support systems on machines 160" (4 m).
The bridge mills feature a heavy-duty casting; large supporting columns; a cross beam; a step square beam; and a saddle. The table is ground for accuracy and longevity. The Z axis has a self-aligning, twin hydraulic counter-balance system that ensures high speed movement without excessive loads on the axis and motor, the company says.
Other features include a Fanuc 18i MB control; spindle and gear box cooling; independent lube in the X, Y and Z axes; a full splash guard; an air blast through spindle; and flood coolant.


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