DP Technology Optimizes ESPRIT for Willemin-Macodel

DP Technology has worked with Willemin-Macodel to optimize the ESPRIT CAM software for Willemin-Macodel’s complex mill-turn machines.


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An ESPIRT rendering of a digital twin of the Willemin-Macodel 508MT2

Although the complexity and strict precision requirements for workpieces manufactured on Willemin-Macodel’s mill-turn machines made using traditional CAM software challenging, DP Technology worked directly with Willemin-Macodel to improve programming efficiency and user experience for Willemin-Macodel’s MT machines in DP Technology’s ESPRIT CAM software.

Benefits of this work include a simplified user interface for setting global machine settings, as well as capabilities for outputting machine-optimized, edit-free G-Code; creating and sorting operations in the required work coordinates; optimizing simulations to match the output NC code and actual machine behavior; displaying operation information to ease programming in ESPRIT; swift mounting of vise jaws on the turret and chucks and collets on the main and sub spindles; programming of tailstock and vise steady rest engage and disengage cycles; and flagging milling operations as cutoff operations.

DP engineers also worked closely with Willemin machine specialists to create a turn-key digital machine package consisting of post processors and virtual machines for the MT series. This package eliminates the time spent on editing the G-code and streamlines the machine setup and first article run off for end users.

DP Technology says ESPRIT provides not only a dedicated CAM solution for Willemin-Macodel machines, but also extensive engineering expertise and knowledge to make sure end users can start quickly and keep running at top efficiency using the MT series machines.


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