End Mills Feature Smaller Neck Diameters for Easier Five-Axis Machining


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The Jabro-Solid2 JS554 range of solid-carbide end mills from Seco Tools is now available with smaller neck-diameter options. These tools are designed to provide greater clearance when machining complex components such as those found in aerospace, medical and general machining applications. Smaller neck dimensions make it easier to access parts clamped in complicated fixturing arrangements and enable users to take full advantage of four- and five-axis machining capabilities, the company says. The neck sizes are optimized to retain tool rigidity while providing full compatibility with standard toolholder connective systems. The tools maintain their ability to productively machine materials in the ISO P, M, S and other material groups.

According to Seco, JS554 end mills provide high stability and low deflection. The end mills cover tool diameters ranging from 3 to 20 mm and typical cutting lengths of 2×D + 2 mm. Reach lengths range to 3×D. The range also includes corner radius and 45-degree-chamfer versions for both cylindrical and Weldon shanks.


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