EngView's mCaliper App Safely Transfers Manual Measurement Results

EngView’s mCaliper mobile/server application is designed for the safe transfer and storage of measurement results.


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EngView mCaliper

EngView’s mCaliper mobile/server application is designed for the safe transfer and storage of measurement results collected from calipers, micrometers and other manual tools. The software supports Bluetooth and USB connection as well as tools with no data output like standard Vernier calipers. 

The software was developed in response to working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Tracking data from quality control tools is important but even more so now, when businesses are working remotely and the collection and monitoring of measurement data is quite difficult,” the company says.

The software consists of a mobile application and a locally installed server, a setup intended to maximize data security. The mobile app is available for download on Google Play for all Android devices of version 6.0 or higher. 

The mobile app displays a step-by step measurement plan for a quality control operator to follow. It gives color-coded indications showing if the measured dimensions are in or out tolerance. The plan is based on a CAD drawing or an image and can be prepared within minutes. For each part ID the measurement plan is prepared only once and used for all parts of the same ID. Once measurement is completed, the data is uploaded on a server and stored for further analyses and reporting. Results are reviewed in graphical or table view. Measurement protocols and reports can be generated for a single measurement as well as for a specific part ID over a period of time.

The mCaliper solution can easily be integrated with internal SPC or ERP systems to ensure a streamlined workflow, the company says. 

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