Esprit from DP Technology Gets Added Probing Cycles

DP Technology has added a suite of probing cycles to Esprit CAM software.


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Esprit probing

DP Technology has added a suite of probing cycles to Esprit CAM software. The new features include:

  • Offline inspection programming, which enables virtual simulation for program verification and collision detection
  • Hassle-free postprocessing and full control over each probing routine
  • Compatibility with more CNC machines and probe manufacturers

These capabilities join the probing cycle’s existing features, including:

  • Misload detection, which confirms correct part loading and reduces the risk of damage
  • On-machine inspection, which generates consistent measurements and eliminates manual measuring errors
  • Dynamic tool offsets, which automatically adapt the program considering tool wear

Using Esprit for CNC machines equipped with touch probes will contribute to increased throughput on existing equipment while reducing operator intervention, the company says. 

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