FactoryWiz Monitoring's Productivity Manager Improves Data Analysis

FactoryWiz Monitoring v19 features Productivity Manager, standard reports, standard dashboards, a widget-driven tablet, user manual and native machine connections.


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FactoryWiz Monitoring v19, available from Refresh Your Memoryfeatures a Productivity Manager, standard reports and dashboards, a widget-driven tablet, user manual and native machine connections. The latest features are designed to provide live, actionable productivity data on any web-enabled device.

Designed for speed and ease of use, Productivity Manager enables users to see a complete live overview of all enterprise sites and departments and to drill down into specific metrics such as machines, work orders, parts, operators and shifts. Live data showing shift, day, week, month, or year (or rolling defined dates) can be viewed without generating reports.

“Our goal from the start has been to empower our end users with open ERP API integration and provide customizable tools that allow data to be displayed instantly and in a way that is meaningful to users’ current working environment,” says John Hosmon, president of FactoryWiz.


  • The Need to Know Is Basic

    An MTConnect-enabled monitoring system gives this shop a clear and simple picture of machine tool usage.

  • The Measure Of Success

    For this small job shop, measuring and controlling everything are the keys to lean—very lean—manufacturing. Yet its management style is surprisingly open and trusting.

  • iPads Keep Supervisors on the Shop Floor

    Having fully interactive access to shopfloor control software enables supervisors at metal finishing and repair job shop to monitor shop activities and make better decisions on the spot.