Fastems RoboCell One Manages Two Machine Tools Simultaneously

Originally titled 'Robot Cell Manages Two Machine Tools Simultaneously'

The Fastems RoboCell One is designed for handling heavy workpieces weighing up to 176 lbs. (80 kg).

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The Fastems RoboCell One is designed for handling heavy workpieces weighing up to 176 lbs (80 kg). The robot cell can automate two machine tools of the same type: lathes or milling machines.

The RoboCell One can produce different batch sizes of various part types. An optional automated gripper change system enables flexible workpiece handling and and new component implementation without interrupting production operations, the company says. The robot can be fitted with single, double or special grippers. As many as six different grippers may be used for handling workpieces in specific production operations.

The robot operates in one linear axis and supplies two machines with workpieces, enabling simultaneous production. To do this, the robot changes its grippers for loading and unloading the unit. The result is optimal use of machine capacity, even when orders are frequently altered, according to Fastems.

The company’s Manufacturing Management Software (MMS) automatically plans the production process based on orders given, including the changes of workpieces for batches of different sizes, taking account of all the necessary resources. The software shows the current production status in real time, calculates machine capacities for outstanding orders and shows the operator necessary machine retooling operations.

The operator configures the robot’s movements through parametric programming in MMS rather than teaching it. The necessary values and/or parameters for workpiece handling are stored in the control system through the MMS interface, meaning that new parts, master data, and orders can be produced during production operations.

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