Five-Axis VMC's Monitoring System Reduces Downtime


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Chevalier Machinery’s UNi5X-400 is a 40-taper, high-speed VMC integrated with a fourth- and fifth-axis table. It is designed for high-speed, high-precision and high-productivity machining in the aerospace, medical and moldmaking industries.

The VMC comes with the company’s iMachine Communications System, which connects users to MT-LINKi for performance data, enabling them to anticipate potential issues and prevent downtime. Remote monitoring and service functionality eliminates direct physical contact during inspection. The software identifies and reports productivity lags 24/7.

The two-axis rotary trunnion table with heavy-duty, three-piece, cross-roller bearing provides part good loading and machining capability as well as ±10" A-axis accuracy. The 12,000-rpm (15,000-rpm optional), 25-hp CT-40 spindle features a large-diameter Big Plus spindle design that uses four-piece, P4-Class angular-contact ball bearings to increase spindle rigidity and to maintain accuracy during high-speed machining. The spindle is direct-drive, reducing noise, vibration and thermal expansion. The machine provides fast interpolation, with a high linear speed of 1,417, 1,417, and 1,181 ipm in the X, Y and Z axes.

A heavy-duty Meehanite cast iron structure provides rigidity and stability. It also features an inverted, Y-shaped column with single-piece construction and pre-tensioned Class C3 ballscrews for all three axesAll servomotors are directly coupled to ballscrews, increasing movement sensitivity while reducing backlash.

The VMC has a table load of 220 lbs and can handle workpieces as large as 15.7" × 13.7". The X-, Y-, and Z-axis travels measure 20.5" × 15.8" × 15", respectively. It also has a capacity of 30 tools. 

The machine includes a FANUC 0i-MF control for 4+1 applications. The control has a 10.4" color LCD screen and includes linear-circular-helical interpolation and Manual Guide i. A FANUC 31iB-5 control is also available.