Gage Provides At-a-Glance Inspection of Machine Spindle Tapers

Big Kaiser’s Dyna Contact taper gage enables at-a-glance inspection of machine spindle tapers. 


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Big Kaiser has added the Dyna Contact to its product offering. The ceramic taper gage enables at-a-glance inspection of machine spindle tapers. 

Dyna Contact is a precise gage used to check the geometric accuracy of a machine spindle taper by visually comparing the contact of the gage to the spindle. A layout dye is applied to the Dyna Contact before inserting into the machine spindle. Upon removal, an operator can check for taper contact and determine if the machine spindle will have proper contact with toolholders. The product is compatible with all steep taper specifications, including CAT, BT and DIN.

The ceramic material of the Dyna Contact makes it more thermally stable than steel. It is also rustproof, 10 times more wear resistant than steel and not subject to age deterioration, according to the company. 


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