Gear Hobbing Machine Provides Versatility for Short-Term Production

Liebherr has released the LC 280 α gear hobbing machine for short-term production jobs.


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Liebherr has released the LC 280 α gear hobbing machine for short-term production jobs. The system can machine gears and shafts with diameters as large as 280 mm and shafts as long as 500 mm.

The machine base was designed with a steep bed that prevents the deposit of chips. In addition, it can integrate an optional stainless steel housing that reduces the thermal influence of the hot, dry chips on the machine bed.

The hob head was redesigned for increased flexibility and productivity. The spindle speed was increased by 50 percent to 2,250 rpm compared with the previous model. The shifting length increased to 200 mm, and the maximum tool diameter increased to 150 mm. These improvements over older models are said to increase tool life with the use of longer tools.

Workpieces as heavy as 15 kg can be automatically loaded and unloaded quickly. The machine’s internal automation concept is as fast as a double-table machine and is characterized by high flexibility and efficiency, the company says.

With the LH Geartec touch user interface, operators can control the machine quickly and easily. It can be individually configured and supports the user with simple guidance, detecting and eliminating faults and offering suggested values. It guides the user through the program step by step for process and retooling cycles.


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