Geminis GT11i Lathe Maximizes Rigidity and Swing Over Bed

Geminis’ GT11i is the largest multitasking CNC lathe of its GTi series, with 138” of swing and a 333,000-pound capacity between centers. It sports many features to optimize rigidity.


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A press image of Geminis' GT11i multitasking CNC lathe

Geminis has expanded its GTi range of heavy-duty multitasking CNC lathes with the GT11i. The largest among the GTi range, the GT11i offers 138” of swing over the bed and can hold up to 330,000 lbs between centers. The GT11i joins the GT5i with up to 55” of swing over the bed, the GT7i with up to 78” of swing and GT9i with up to 94” of swing.

“Geminis now offers a complete range of highly advanced heavy-duty turning solutions that fit a wide spectrum of applications in industries including power generation, oil exploration, paper & pulp, mining, iron & steel, construction equipment, aerospace and defense,” states Doug Schulte, business development manager for Geminis importer Select Machining Technologies.

The GTi range emphasizes rigidity, accuracy and ease of operation. A headstock with larger bearings delivers four-speed ranges, while its brake system features what Geminis says is higher torque and torsional rigidity for improved angular positioning on the C-axis. A standard Z-axis rack-and-pinion drive system uses an additional front guideway of the bed for increased rigidity, while the distance between guideways further increases rigidity and enables integration of a broad range of turrets and boring units.

Sheet metal guarding and an optional 22” CNC controller screen improve the machine’s ergonomics and ease of maintenance. The cabling is protected from chips, and a lower bed frame simplifies access to setup and inspection while providing a wider working surface for the operator. Stainless steel inner finishing is standard, and LED lighting improves visibility within.

Geminis’ included Smart Manufacturing 4.0 technology enables operators and management to remotely monitor key machine functions on smartphones, tablets and PCs. The collected data provides statistical history for analysis to optimize machine performance and schedule routine maintenance. Smart Manufacturing 4.0 also integrates with CAD/CAM and ERP programs without additional hardware.


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