Grinding Machine Can Grind Complete Crankshaft in Single Setup


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Junker offers its Jucrank platform for cylindrical and non-cylindrical grinding with a swing diameter of 470 mm and a part length capacity ranging to 4,800 mm. Initially designed for grinding and re-grinding of large crankshafts, the machine can also be used for grinding printing rollers, electric motor shafts and other heavy workpieces.

To ease part setup, the Jucrank has a slide with an integrated length measuring system that enables the technician to first bring the work heads into position, and then the steady rests. This machine’s CNC steady rests have only one axis each, increasing their stability and stiffness. Each of as many as 11 steady rests can be controlled individually and applied to a section at any time, even during the grinding process, for greater flexibility. This capability is supported by a high-performance control system supporting at least 24 CNC axes.

An integrated measuring system helps prevent scrapping of forged and hardened workpieces such as crankshafts and enables completing grinding in one setup. The system measures main and pin bearing diameters during the grinding process, and measures the entire workpiece afterward including the taper of each element, bearing widths and lift heights. Based on the measuring data, the machine finishes the grinding process while using the WK axis, which swivels the grinding spindle, compensating for tapers in the process. The grinding machine can therefore provide each main and pin bearing with its own profile shape, and then grind the two shaft ends, if required. 


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