Horizontal Machining Center Designed for Hard Metals

IMTS 2018: The HMC 800 from Fives Cincinnati is designed for aerospace, oil and gas, and other hard-metal precision machining applications.


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The HMC 800 from Fives Cincinnati suits aerospace, oil and gas, and other hard-metal precision machining applications. It combines high spindle torque with machine stiffness. Its dual ball screws enable feed rates of 45 m/min, with acceleration and deceleration rates of 0.5 G.

The bridge and saddle are said to feature enhanced dynamic stiffness for quality finish and extended tool life. Designed for complex five-axis and five-sided applications,,the machine combines twin ball-screw-driven axes in XYZ, an infinite contouring B-axis table, and a compact, U-frame A-axis tilt spindle.

High-torque spindle options, including two offering 6,000 rpm, enable processing hard metal processing. Spindles offer external flood with pressure ranging to 250 psi and internal through-spindle coolant with pressure ranging to 1,500 psi (HSK100A/KM4X). Tooling options include HSK-100A, KM4X100 and Big plus 50.