Kurt's Pyramid Workholding Platform Available in Vise Kits


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Kurt Pyramid vise kits

Kurt offers a pre-engineered set of kits for its Pyramid workholding platform accommodating 12 different vise models. Each bundle includes the 45-degree Pyramid, three mounted Kurt vises capable of holding parts ranging from 2" to 7", and an optional base plate for mounting on the machine table. Each vise’s 45-degree mounting surface maximizes access to all machined surfaces and helps to ensure spindle and cutting tool clearance.

Kurt vises designed to fit the Kurt Pyramid include models HP420, HP420C, HP420D, HP440, HP440C, HP440D, HP460, HP460C, HP460D, SCMX250, SCMX425 and DTR20.

The Pyramid platform is constructed of 7075 anodized aluminum and has a 12" diameter base to fit a variety of five-axis CNC machines. The Pyramid comes pre-drilled for easy mounting to most machine tables, pallets or sub plates.


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