Lightweight Robots Provide Cost Savings

The THL series of SCARA robots from Toshiba Machine are designed for cost savings.

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Toshiba Machine says the THL series of SCARA robots are designed to save cost. The robots feature lightweight, die-cast, aluminum arms and easy-to-maintain gearboxes and motors, the compay says. The robots are said to be as much as 50-percent lighter than the company’s other robot models, so minimal supporting and vibration-suppresion elements are necessary.The lightweight construction is designed to reduce energy consumption and improve system efficiency.

Three robot models are available, THL500, THL600 and THL700. Arm lengths measure 500, 600  and 700 mm, respectively, and they can each accommodate a 10-kg. payload. Cycle times (with 2-kg load) are 0.45 sec. for the THL500 and THL600, and 0.50 sec. for the THL700. All three robots feature a four-axis working envelope with 360-degree, Z-axis rotation. Maximum speeds range from 6.3 ms/sec. to 7.9 m/sec.

The company’s TSL 3000 controller was developed exclusively for this robot series and includes USB compatibility. Field Bus also is available.  

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