Mastercam 2020 Mill Improves Curved Surface Finishes


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The updated Mastercam 2020 Mill from CNC Software Inc. offers expanded machining flexibility and an increased emphasis on speed and automation. Among the general improvements are updates to the Dynamic Motion tool path for faster and more streamlined programming; support for oval-form and lens barrel-form tools in Accelerated Finishing; and enhancements for Toolpath Hole Definition and the Features list.

Mastercam Mill 2020

Mastercam’s Equal Scallop tool path is designed to improve surface finish across sloped, curved and flat surfaces. Now tool tip containment and “Closed” or “Trimmed” tool path offsets deliver optimal finishes for different types of complex shapes, the company says.

A new tool path, Blend, has been added to the 3D High Speed suite. Blend is based on the Surface Finish Blend tool path but is faster and results in better quality. It also includes the use of stock and holder checking.

Deburr can use ball end mills or lollipop undercut tools to break edges for three- to five-axis deburring. The software enables fast, automated part deburring using climb or conventional cutting, with more controls for selecting which area of a part to deburr.

Holemaking is now easier with Toolpath Hole Definition supporting the selection of solid features and lines, in addition to arcs, points and AutoCursor positions, the company says. Users can also pick all or some matching diameters and vectors.

Port Expert, an add-on, designed for creating multi-axis tool paths within cylinder head ports, complex tubes or deep pockets. It is now material-aware, allowing automated programming of remaining stock.


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