Metal Deposition System Enables Closed-Loop Operation

IMTS 2018: The X-series machines feature a customizable build volume with as many as five axes of motion. 

Formalloy is launching its X-series laser metal deposition system, featuring options including closed-loop control, variable-wavelength lasers, and Formfeed powder feeders for gradient/bi-metallic structures. The X series offers improved quality, better powder efficiency and the ability to print with a range of metal alloys, the company says. Each machine features the Formax metal deposition head and customizable build volume with as many as five axes of motion. 

According to Formalloy, the X-series utilizes scanning technology to monitor build quality and accuracy in real-time, and then auto-correct errors to achieve a part that is free of defects. The Formax head offers high powder efficiency and has built in quick-release features for ease of maintenance and component swaps. The X-series is said to offer a cost-effective solution for metal part production, repair and cladding to a diverse set of industries.

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