Midaco Pallet and Trunnion Add Horizontal Capability to VMCs

Midaco says its trunnion-equipped pallet system allows vertical machining centers to machine multiple part sides without requiring cable management.


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A collage of press photos showing pieces of Midaco's trunnion-equipped pallet system for vertical machining centers\

Midaco says that adding its trunnion-equipped pallet system to vertical machining centers (VMCs) enables shops to machine multiple part sides and load material outside the machine tool while cutting chips, maximizing the efficiency of VMCs and rotary tables. 

The company’s trunnion system includes one fourth-axis actuator assembly and two trunnions with standard work surfaces ranging from 8” x 20” to 11” x 40”. Midaco says the system works with any fourth-axis rotary indexer, but notes that it does not include this rotary indexer in the purchase. To function, users mount the trunnions on each pallet of the pallet changer outside the VMC, where these trunnions can be rotated for 360-degree access for part loading. Once transferred into the machining area, the trunnion clamps onto the Midaco receiver and automatically engages with the fourth axis.

Midaco says its trunnion system is a cost-effective solution to increase VMCs’ capability by machining three sides without the need for cable management. To further increase machining versatility, the company recommends adding a vertical rotary faceplate, which is also mounted on a pallet, for multiple workholding options.