Monaghan Tooling's Top Speed Ring Reamer Enables Higher Feed Rates

Monaghan Tooling Group’s Top Speed Ring is a reamer designed to provide higher feed rates over traditional cutting rings.


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Monaghan Tooling Top Speed Ring

Monaghan Tooling Group’s

Top Speed Ring is a reamer designed to provide higher feed rates than traditional cutting rings. The modular tool requires no setting and is ready to use out of the box, the company says. According to Monaghan, the Top Speed Ring is ideal for high-speed reaming applications, long production runs, large-hole reaming and cases in which precise, repeatable reaming is required.

The tool is available in diameters ranging from 50.600 to 225.000 mm (1.9921" to 8.8583"). Four extra teeth compared to expandable rings allow for faster cutting with better surface finishes and roundness, the company claims. The reamer comes in solid, straight or left-hand flute designs in a variety of coatings and geometries, including specials.

Toolholders come with internal coolant channels. The Top Speed Ring holders are made with either cylindrical shanks or module connections for runout compensation. The reamer also can can be repaired or retipped.



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