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12/7/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Multi-Sensor CMM Software Expands Interoperability

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LK Metrology’s enhanced Camio 8.5 multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine (CMM) software has a variety of features to help meet previous application challenges.

LK Metrology’s enhanced Camio 8.5 multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine (CMM) software has a variety of features to help meet previous application challenges. Camio 8.5 allows the user to focus on accelerating lead times and improving product quality.

Enhancements to the new programming include the reorganization of RPS alignments, improvements in angle between tolerances to toggle between acute, obtuse and supplementary angles easily, and more precise and pronounced warning messages for users when setting machine or program parameters outside of min/max limits. In Camio 8.5, the GOTO command now allows the user to specify the number of axes for movement and contains an updated Acis CAD engine and support for third-party CAD format.

Updates to the Camio user interface aid window docking and provide easier access to CAD layers, now displayed in a separate window. CAD orientation buttons enable the user to keep the current zoom level, and the mouse or pointer coordinates now show in the status bar for quick estimation of dimensions.

Camio 8.5 includes laser, point cloud and probe head improvements, with a new detection offset parameter for point detection and the ability to export point clouds in Geomagic GDP format. The ability to interface with Geomagic’s 3D data processing software is also incorporated in version 8.5. The Renishaw PHS1 servo head and ACR2 autochange rack are now supported, as well as the Renishaw SP80 head and autochange rack.

Other improvements involve the Machine Launch Utility for offline programming and the ability to relocate a single stall or rack instead of all of the stalls. Additional options for opening and/or printing Camio reports are included as well.

Whether inspecting stamped, molded or machined parts, Camio is said to support accurate and efficient inspection programs for geometric features along with full surface analysis with part-to-CAD comparisons. Camio’s interoperability across CMM platforms, sensor technology and manufacturing sites increases its software advantage.


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