Multitasking CNC Lathes Minimize Noncutting Time

Okuma’s Multus U series multitasking CNC lathes are capable of gear machining, skiving and hobbing operations.

Okuma’s Multus U series multitasking CNC lathes are capable of gear machining, skiving and hobbing operations. Designed to reduce setup time, improve accuracy and minimize noncutting time, the lathes feature a heavy-duty construction for long-term rigidity and accuracy. They are said to be well-suited for machining process-intensive parts, including in applications within the aerospace, automotive, oil and energy, medical, and construction industries. Two machine sizes are available: The Multus U3000 offers a maximum diameter of 25.6" and bed length of 39.4", while the Multus U4000 offers a maximum diameter of 27.55" and bead length of 59.05".

The series is capable of flexible CNC machining from all directions with a rigid traveling column that enables cutting along the entire Y axis. The lathes are equipped with Okuma’s thermo-friendly concept to enable stable machining accuracy with structural design and thermal deformation control. The design enables easy tool loading from the machine front, improved spindle access for faster setup times and smooth chip discharge for better flows, the company says. The THINC OSP-P300S control is said to reduce keyboard operations and maximize uptime with its collision avoidance system. The series also can be equipped with Okuma’s Machining Navi for maximizing tool performance by selecting optimal speeds to avoid chatter. Extended specifications, including 17 variations with multiple bed lengths, an optional W subspindle and optional lower turret, enable a range of applications.


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