OD Cylindrical Grinders Enhance Positioning Accuracy

IMTS 2018: Sharp Industries will display its model OD-1524X CNC OD cylindrical grinder for toolroom or production grinding applications.


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Sharp Industries will display its OD-1524X outer-diameter cylindrical grinder for toolroom or production grinding applications. The CNC grinder has an OD grinding range from 8" to 24" and a distance between centers ranging from 20" to 80". Models with traveling wheelheads can grind lengths ranging to 160". The workhead can swivel 90 degrees counterclockwise and 30 degrees clockwise for various grinding operations. The wheelhead travels on the saddle with hand-scraped and Turcite-coated V ways and flat ways. A 0.00002" linear feedback system is said to deliver high positioning accuracy and repeatability. The table travels on a cushion of oil with no metal-to-metal contact. An optional ID attachment is available for internal grinding operations.

A FANUC Oi-TC CNC and drive system delivers precise movement of the wheelhead and the table. Other optional accessories include crash control, gap control, a touch probe and an auto-sizing device.


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