Platform Simplifies IIoT Data Management

Smart Manufacturing Experience 2018: The MachineMetrics predictive analytics and machine learning platform enables manufacturers to harness, structure and take action on machine data.


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With simple, “self-install” Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity, the MachineMetrics predictive analytics and machine learning platform is designed to enable manufacturers to harness, structure and take action on machine data. The company says it has improved data management for its customers, increasing manufacturing efficiency by more than 20 percent on average.

Real time and historical data collection enables managers not only to track efficiency and quickly identify production bottlenecks that are related to specific machining operations, but also to measure the effect of process improvements. The secure, mobile-friendly cloud application provides manufacturers with access to this data from anywhere and requires no servers or automatic updates, with minimal IT expenses, the company says.



  • Increase Machining Efficiency through Machine Monitoring

    A manufacturer that is distinctive for its attention to in-cycle machining productivity describes its efforts to obtain efficiency improvements outside of the machining cycle. The shop’s primary tool is a simple, daily, graphical recap that illustrates when each machine tool was and was not making parts.

  • Getting Started with Machine Monitoring

    This shop’s successful entry into machine monitoring reveals important points about what to do and what to expect.

  • Voice Control of Machine Tools has Arrived

    Voice interface technology has come of age and is now found on a wide variety of products such as phones, tablets, PCs, TV remotes and many other devices.  Why not on machine tools as well?