Presettable Toolholders Increase Tool Life

IMTS 2018: Goltenbodt, represented by Schwanog LLC in the United States, displays its presettable and coolant-fed toolholders for Tornos MultiSwiss multiple-spindle automatic lathes.


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Goeltenbodt, represented by Schwanog LLC in the United States, displays its presettable and coolant-fed toolholders for Tornos MultiSwiss 6X14, 6X16, 8X26 and 6X32 multiple-spindle automatic lathes. The toolholders are said to be completely presettable in X, Z, and Y outside of the machine with repeatability of 0.0002". Coolant-fed holders with pressure ratings ranging to 1,500 psi are available. The rigid design is said to provide chatter-free operation, reliability and increased tool life.

The company also offers coolant-fed dovetail, shave, stick tool and cut-off holders.


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