Presetting, Measuring Machine Increases Reliability

IMTS 2018: Zoller’s Venturion is a presetting and measuring machine for a range of tools.


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Zoller’s Venturion is a presetting and measuring machine for a range of tools. Built with Bosch pneumatics, THK guideways, Uhing drives and Heidenhain glass scales, the machine is designed for reliability and long equipment life. Full CNC drives for both the X and Z axes and an auto-focusing spindle enable micron-precise measurements. The company’s All Clamping Elements (ACE) spindle is said to enable change-over accuracy of 1 micron for consistent measurement results.

The company’s Pilot 3.0 software simplifies measuring complex tool geometries. The eQ one-hand control handle provides ergonomic, comfortable maneuvering of the optics carrier. Data output enables users to send their tool offset information directly to the machine control from the software, minimizing the potential for human error and creating greater process reliability.