Schunk's Vero-S NSE Mikro 49-13 Clamps Small Parts

Schunk’s Vero-S NSE Mikro 49-13 is a completely sealed miniature clamping module specifically for metalcutting, assembly, handling and measurement applications.


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Schunk Vero-S NSE Mikro 49-13

Schunk’s Vero-S NSE Mikro 49-13 is a completely sealed miniature clamping module designed for metalcutting, assembly, material handling and measurement applications. The module measures 49 mm in diameter, with a height above table of 13 mm.

The clamping module is actuated with an axial piston, which is said to result in high pull-down forces despite the compact dimensions. The dual-stroke drive system achieves pull-down forces ranging to 1,500 N by using the integrated standard turbo function. Depending on the thread size of the 10-mm diameter clamping pin, holding forces range from 3,000 N (M3) to 5,000 N (M4). Self-retaining, form-fitting locking is performed mechanically via spring assembly.

The position of the clamping slide is detected through dynamic pressure monitoring, making the module suitable for metalcutting and automation applications. A 6-bar pressure system is sufficient for the module’s pneumatic function. All functional parts are made of stainless steel.


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