Seco's GL Threading, Grooving Heads Enable Deep-Hole Turning


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Seco Tool’s GL threading and grooving heads for Steadyline turning and boring bars enable deep-hole operations and reduce the risk of scrapping workpieces. The company claims that the heads increase production accuracy, improve surface finishes and reduce downtime from insert indexing and head changes.

Offered in right- and left-hand versions, the heads provide the high repeatability of Seco’s GL25 connection. The GL connection’s wall thickness allows for centering accuracy and probing repeatability within 5 microns. Additionally, the connection provides increased operational versatility and faster tool changes.

With its vibration damping system, Steadyline turning bars facilitate stable turning and boring on small and large holes as deep as 10×D . For operations within deep-hole diameters as small as 1.181" (30 mm), shops benefit fom the system's reach/overhang capabilities and anti-vibration technology.


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