Self-Centering Hydraulic Vise Enables Automated Loading

Planet Products offers a 6" self-centering vise in its ProHold series.


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Planet Products offers a 6" self-centering vise in its ProHold series. The fully hydraulic, double-acting-type vise offers a total stroke of 4.25" and 11,000 lbs of clamping force at 3,800 lbs of hydraulic pressure. Self-centering clamping is repeatable within 0.001", the company says.

Designed for high-production machining and automated loading, the vise features a hardened and ground chip cover which reduces chip accumulation and prevents chips from entering the vise cavity. Coolant is internally drained via weep holes.

The vise enables OD or ID self-centering clamping without modification. The jaw opening stroke is fully powered to ensure positive opening even with heavy workpieces. Quick-change top jaws are available with either hardened inserts or machinable steel or aluminum blanks that can be tailored specifically for the workpiece. The company’s quick-change top tooling also can fit on the vise. A sealed lead screw assembly is continuously lubricated within the hydraulic assembly, minimizing maintenance. Internal pressure accumulators enable the vise to hold pressure even with its hydraulic supply removed for use on palletized systems.

Vises may be used individually or linked together on a common fixture plate. The device can be operated via a remote mount, a control valve mounted on the vise or an automatic control for robotic loading.

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