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Servo Head Reduces Laser Piercing Time


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Mazak Optonics says its servo head with piercing detection that monitors laser-processing conditions, reduces piercing times and improves cutting performance across a range of applications. The servo head is standard on the company’s HyperGear, HyperTurbo and SuperTurbo MkIII series laser-cutting machines.
The servo technology improves pierce time efficiency in mild steel applications measuring between 0.375" and 0.750". It eliminates or reduces the need for side blow during piercing operations. Sensors in the head monitor beam reflection to determine breakthrough, before automatically signaling the control to move to the cutting segment of the program. The machine shifts from piercing to cutting due via auto-focus adjustment on the dedicated W-axis.
According to the company, the same intelligent sensors monitor the beam for poor cutting conditions and maintaining the cut. The servo head also improves overall edge quality in mild steel plate measuring as thick as 1".