Shaft Measurement Machine Fit for the Shop Floor


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Jenoptik Industrial Metrology introduces the Hommel-Etamic Opticline series of optical shaft measuring devices. These single-camera devices shorten measuring cycle times and enable the measurement of workpieces ranging to 80 mm in diameter without any loss of resolution. Accuracy with maximum allowable error (MPE) values of less than 2 microns are typical, the company says. The series is ideal for production-floor evaluation of shaft-like parts ranging to 150 mm in diameter and 900 mm in length. Opticline-series products feature a 0.1-micron high-resolution camera for meeting stringent quality requirements of such industries as automotive.

Optical measurement of workpiece profiles, diameters and spacing, angle or radii, threads, rotation angles, form and geometric tolerances, or outer contours of high-precision workpieces can be determined quickly and flexibly within a compact floor space. An optional touch probe is available for checking length and angular measurements, increasing the line’s flexibility.

The basic design and mechanical components have been designed to make the devices less sensitive to possible external influences such as vibrations, operator error and more. The optical system is hermetically sealed, preventing dust or oil mist from interfering with the measurements. Active self-monitoring mechanisms and temperature compensation have been optimized, improving long-term stability.