Smart DEM Wire EDM from Knuth Cuts Graphite

The Smart DEM wire EDM can accommodate workpieces measuring 13.8" × 17.7" × 7.9".


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The Smart DEM wire EDM can accommodate workpieces measuring 13.8" × 17.7" × 7.9". It features full fourth-axis capability for draft angles ranging to ±5 degrees (4" workpiece). According to the company, the wire EDM’s power supply is well-suited for graphite and other materials that do not cut well on common machines.
Elapt 3.2 software runs offline, and programs can be downloaded to the EDM with the USB port. The machine can be programmed in 0.000004" increments and achieves positioning accuracies of 0.0008". 

Instead of full submersion, flushing is used to achieve fine cuts with surface finishes of 1.2 µm Ra. Standard features include programming software, diamond guides, paper filter and more.  


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